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Topic: Grandpa

I wrote this a few years ago, shortly after my Grandfather died.

He really did sit in his burnt orange vinyl recliner next to the window in the living room and shoot crows out of his corn field.  You can't hide money!  smile

He was the man of our house until I was 12.

I wish my daughter could have met him - I sure miss him.

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Re: Grandpa

Hey Larry - That was a great tribute. I barely remember my grandads... I guess it's one of the reasons why I had kids fairly early in life.

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Re: Grandpa

Thanks, Jeff.

Mine was awesome, but you didn't want to piss him off!  yikes

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Re: Grandpa

Hi Oldnewbie,

Wonderful song which brought back many happy memories of my childhood, and one in particular.

My maternal grandfather spent hours playing with us kids (he had 10 children and 28 grandchildren). He was at his happiest when we were around and in the bottom drawer of his desk were all his toys for us kids, amongst then some musical instruments, drums, triangle, xylophone, tambourine, trumpet etc. The story goes that one day there were 8 or 9 of us grandkids there and my grandfather had us marching up and down his back yard, he was singing and we were in line behind making 'music' (you can imagine the racket). My grandmother rushes out and shouts "Bill, what are you doing? You will annoy the neighbours" to which he replied "No it is all right I am only keeping the children quiet".

Thank you,


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Re: Grandpa

Another good one from you. You clearly thought alot of your Grandpa.
Well done.
Only ever knew one granddad in growing up. He was very Victorian and aloof but was kind and gentle and devoted to his alotment.
He served in the 1st world war and I wish I had spent more time listening to his stories of his varied life. Oh well such is life and regrets.
Nice story Roger made me smile.

Re: Grandpa

great song, reminded me of my grandmother, she was strong and loving, and shop keepers in town quaked when she came in...phill

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Re: Grandpa

Wonderful Newbie,

Lovely images reading your song.
My Pops, or Cochise as we secretly called him lived to be nearly 100.
He was a small man, deep deep voice. Had a big White droopy moustache,
always smoked a big ole pipe. To this day i love the smell of yachtmans
plug tabacco,always reminds me of him.
He just went to sleep one night, and died with his cap on. He firmly believed we lost most of our body heat from our heads? so in winter kept it on lol

Lovely song "Thanks for the Memories."
Roger, What a great image you gave us also.

Old Doll.

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Re: Grandpa

Thanks, all.

One of the great things in my life are my memories of my Grandpa.

Old Doll - I can relate. Grandpa used to roll his own cigarettes. Bugler tobacco and a leather strap rolling machine. I found one of the rolling machines in an antique store and bought it. (Bugler used to give them away if you sent in so many empty packs of rolling papers!).

Many evenings I spent sitting across from him at the kitchen table, watching him roll his cigarettes, smelling the tobacco, and listening to his country, West Virginia drawl. Hypnotic.

Everytime I smell fresh-cut tobacco, it reminds me of him.

Thanks again, all. Nice to have warm memories.

(great story, Roger! big_smile)

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Re: Grandpa

hi oldnewbie a great song of respect and family tradition well done...stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

Re: Grandpa

thanks, daddycool.

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