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Topic: Lips Of An Angel

hey everyone! it's been a little while.....life's been really busy lately so haven't had a chance to post much stuff on here......please anyone and everyone give any form of criticism on this song, good or bad!  any helpful suggestions or anything just let me know! 

.......let me know what ya'll think....................

These are the base chords but there's a pretty cool riff i made up but can't write out playing behind the basic chords during the song with add-ins of leads here and there.....

“Lips of An Angel†
copywright: Blake Stitcher
Intro:  G,  D,  Em,  C
Verse 1:
                    G                                         D
When it’s early in the morning and my body is fast asleep,
     Em                                                  C                     D
My heart’s thoughts wander, and it’s you girl that I see.
           G                                                 D
In the mist of my dreams I stare, to catch the memories I’ve seen us share,
       Em                                                   C                             
I’ve seen the first time our lips met, and I knew right then
and there.
         G                                      D
My heart’s been stolen by the lips of an angel
       Em                               C
I never want it back, it belongs to her anyway,
G                                                      D
What I wish for most and what my soul wishes to steal
             Em                                      C                D                   
Is what saved me all along, just a kiss, from the lips of an
D, Em, C
Verse 2:
                 G                                               D
While a warm breeze blows across my windowsill frame,
            Em                                       C          D
I see a candle’s flame flicker, but stays lit just the same.
G                                                                  D
Through the wind of tough times, can our flame stand the test?
     Em                                                           C                   
I know, I know, I’ve seen our love, light my candle with a
Em                               C                                        G     
Fly my heart away angel, but keep it safe with you to stay


        Em                                                  C       
It’s safer in your care and off of my sleeve,  it belongs to

              D                    G
you anyway   ay, ay, yeah

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels

Re: Lips Of An Angel

In a word  BEAUTIFUL!

I was just about to switch off.   So so good to see you post again Rooster 3.

I hope life is kind to you.


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Re: Lips Of An Angel

Hi Rooster3
Nice love song. Very pretty and says all the right words.
One thing a your girl might appreciate is a little personlisation in the song if you could drop her name in there somewhere smile


Re: Lips Of An Angel

Hinder just released a song by the very same title. Personally, I would look for a different title. Maybe "Mouth of a Goddess", "Lips I've Forever Desired", "Kiss of Life", etc....You get the idea. Well written song otherwise.

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Re: Lips Of An Angel

hi rooster is'nt love great ,sounds like you've got your chick,well done...stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

Re: Lips Of An Angel

its very nice...i like it but there is something missing in it...i dont know what but there is something....maybe coz its really short....but i liked the lyrics smile
good to hear from you again
take care

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Re: Lips Of An Angel

oh thank you to everyone for your kind words!  i am looking for a new change for the title but i'm sure it'll come to me in time.  Thanks to everyone again!!

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels