Topic: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

There are probably a lot more, but there are a lot of moments, unforgettable moments. Like:
- ELVIS PRESLEY = loved by youngsters, cursed by their parents, caused by his act.
- BOB DYLAN went ELECTRIC, it must have been a "horrible experience" for Dylan
- WOODSTOCK 1969 = No comment (August 1969)
- ROLLING STONES = The "infamous" ALTAMONT concert, with performers as Jefferson Airplane, CSN&Y, Santana, Flying Burrito Brothers, and 300.000 people. Grateful Dead was asked to play before the Stones, but they canceled at the last minute.
During the Rolling Stones performance, Hell's Angels By some accounts, the Angels were hired to be security by the Rolling Stones on recommendation from the Grateful Dead for $500 and free beer, they had provided security at Grateful Dead shows in the past without reported violence.
ONE THING having such a crowd = Crowd management proved to be difficult. Many spectators were injured and four died. The ANGELS, where young, no leaders were present, and they became more and more aggressive and violent during the day. They also used sawed-off pool cues in order to control the crowd, or aimed at troublemakers with their bikes at full throttle, causing serious injuries. After one of the Angels' motor bikes was knocked over, the Angels became even more aggressive, even toward the performers onstage. Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane was knocked unconscious following an altercation with an Angel on stage, as seen in the documentary film Gimme Shelter. That's where the Grateful Dead decided to leave. A guy named MEREDITH HUNTER, 18 years old Afro-American became involved in an altercation with some Hells Angels and drew a long-barreled revolver. It is clear that Hunter drew his weapon before he was stabbed the first time. He was stabbed five times in total and kicked to death.
All this is filmed, the movie's name HELTER SHELTER. I know, a lot of information here, just to show and compare with WOODSTOCK.
That ALTAMONT concert is generally considered as the END OF AN ERA, THE HIPPIEculture..
- LED ZEPPELIN = ruling everything in the 7ties
Do you know more or new information? What I wrote can be find on the web, just the names, but I love to hear COMMENT, YOUR LIST. I wrote a lot about ALTAMONT, because it's so  special.

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Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

Good topic. I think the whole michael jackson thing, the Bob Marley assassination attempt, The Gary Glitter thing,
Kurt cobain's suicide or murder, when Dimebag was shot onstage, Courtney Love did drugs while pregnant,
Marvin gayes murder,  when Freddy mercury died, Brian Wilson had a nervous breakdown,
the Milli vanilli Grammy thing, When the government tried to deport Lennon, Kids going crazy while listening to rock around the clock, When Nikki Six was revived after a heroin overdose,
when  O'Connor ripped the photo of the pope, mc hammer going bankrupt,
When john Lennon said they were bigger than jesus, When Elvis met Nixon,
when sid v. killed his girlfriend and his death.  when Ozzy bit the head off a dove,Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison's death,
Well that's all but I know I forgot some.


Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

Some things I think were important to the development of Rock - Jim Morrison exposing his genitals on stage during "Break On Through" and being convicted of indecent exposure, but demonstrating that rather than being a counter-culture icon was instead an out-of-control brat he ran away from the conviction and died of an overdose consoling himself from the stress.  Having one of the front-runner anti-establishment icons shown up as a poser made a difference to how people presented themselves in the future.  It gave us folks who are not posers, but truly interested in making a difference.  Folks like Bono and John Mellencamp.  Like their music or not, these are guys that are NOT posers but living in accordance with their words.

Johnny Cash - kind of rock, kind of country, but definitely a Rock & Roll lifestyle with drugs, women, out of control backstage and hotel behavior.  Having Johnny Cash clean up and calm down and start producing the best music of his life was huge.  To have the out-of-control bad boy start singing Gospel made a difference.  Merle Haggard said that Johnny Cash coming to prison and singing songs of redemption and talking about Jesus the way the mothers of the guys in there did showed a lot of 'tough guys' in prison that it was OK to love Jesus and that it made a big difference in the lives of a lot of those men. 

John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and the Farm Aid concerts.  I know I left someone off that list.  But the idea that musicians could use their talents to raise funds for something they care about made a big difference to the world of rock.  Changed some of the attitude from selfishness to selflessness.  The altruism helped Willie Nelson when he had trouble with the IRS. 

- Zurf

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Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

Very good lists guys ... especially yours Zurf ... alot of those I had forgotten about

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Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

James Brown performance stopped riots

The day the music died

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Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

Great post Zurf.

I'm going to go with Pete Townsend smashing a guitar for the first time---I don't know why he did it, but to me, it was like all his angst EXPLODED on stage.  No more acting proper and bottling up emotions--the stage became a canvas for what the artist / musicians were feeling.

I loved it at the time, but now everytime I see one of those beautiful insturments being destroyed...heck, I can't even watch it.

Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

1. Bowie kneeling down on stage to play Mick Ronson's guitar with his mouth.

2. When I didn't give up my day job.

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Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

Monterey '67

Dylan writes Like A Rolling Stone

Although not musically relevant, the whole Charles Manson deal changed a lot of things during what I like to think of as the musical explosion

The Beatles stop touring

Death of Janis Joplin and Brian Jones (Hendrix and Morrison already mentioned)

James Taylor releases Sweet Baby James... helped usher in "soft sounds" of the seventies

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Re: 50 moments that changed the history of Rock&Roll

Milli Vanilli and Ashley Simpson getting busyed for lip syncing.

It's cool how after these events happened, more emphasis was put back on the man/woman and his/her instrument. The public was fooled for so long with all the backing tracks and posers. But today, for the most part, the general public( minus American Idol supporters ) has a greater appreciation for musicians and their hard earned talents and abilities to play their instruments and sing their songs.............

Long live live rock..............The real live rock!

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