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Ok I need to Impress a freind... I need to learn a WHOLE song with solo. Needs to be kinda easy and sound good. thanks,

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You might want to look here

[url= ]Rock House[/url]

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Hi deakin,the group called America is not too hard.You can also do alot of clapton on acustic ,crossroads,before you acuse me,malted milk. I do those with e7,a7 and b7. I do some finger picking and struming.

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hey man
to burst your bubble
but easy song with a solo
dont usally go together
but i guess you can always try...
but if you can tell me what you are into

if you can learn bass in 15 minutes
then why do i play the guitar???

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  try the song "Little Green Bag," by the George Baker Special; you may remember it from the opening credits of the film Reservoir Dogs.  It's got a pretty simple solo that's repeated throughout the song and the rhythm is mostly G, F, and D

Good luck,


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"Holiday" and "American Idiot" by Green Day are both fairly easy.

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Good Riddance by Green Day.  Easy to play and sing.  Also Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.  Not so easy but worth the effort!


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patrickthered wrote:

Good Riddance by Green Day.  Easy to play and sing.

Depends if you're going by the easy route or the "exactly how they played it" route.
I bought the sheet music for it a while back and I can barely play it...unless I change the variant chords to the major version. hmm

"Basket Case", "When I Come Around" and "Welcome to Paradise", all by Green Day, are also fairly easy. (forgot to add them to my last post)

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thx guys I think I got a lil playlist lol (btw I play rock and metal I almost got Enter Sandman big_smile)