Topic: Which one?

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Two guitars im looking at now. The actual nevada shop is only around the corner from me, so i would pop in to try buy,  but do you think the extra £350 is worth it?


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Re: Which one?

Probably couldn't go wrong with either one. The Gibson has the hot humbuckers and should hold it's value and might even be collectable some day...  The Epiphone should also be a great guitar but so many people will play one for a while and decide to "upgrade" to a Gibson or start changing out pickups, tuners, and stuff. I guess it becomes a matter of personal choice and what you can afford now...

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Re: Which one?

Is Nevada not the kind of shop you can go in and handle the goods AD? Or is it more of a warehouse operation? If they have those guitars on display you could work out if the Gibson feels and sounds twice the price.

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