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Hey all,
         I was hoping to get a little info , or a few suggestions on buying a Uke. I've just sold my mando, so i'm ready for something new! I regretted buying a cheap mando, so i don't really want to waste 30 quid buying a really cheap Uke to find i don't enjoy playing it because of the sound. i believe that spending a bit more on a slightly higher level uke would be worthwhile, with a possibility of resale if it doesn't agree. So..... My budget is £100 realistically, which would include postage. I quite like the OVATION APPLAUSE SOPRANO UA205E and have fancied an ovation for a while. I don't think i have the cash for a flea. Suggestions please! Please note that here in sunny Ireland, music shiops are few and far between!
                 Cheers, <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif" border=0 alt="Smile">
                       Chris M

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sorry chris, I am new to the uke too, ( about 6 months)  i am wanting a new one too, hopefully end of the month . thats if my wife has took on the heavy hints of " I want a uke for my birthday"
So, ireland and using £'s? so Northern Ireland?  Iam sure there is a ferry or hover craft that comes into glasgow from there for shopping? maybe they were just talking about it? Anyway, quite a few music shops in rainy glasgow.
I was wanting a new uke about £50 and a new scotland football top, but i hope I get the uke. Whatever I dont get, I will have within 6 months.

So, I hope you get some good replies to give me some ideas too

ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending

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Thanks Ken! I've noticed your enthused Uke messages on here! You got me- Northern Ireland- however, in forums it seems so much simpler not to go into too much detail  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz">
There are a couple of shops in Belfast which are good for guitar mostly , but would be a dissapointing cheapo Uke source i would imagine. Glasgow is a good idea, but given funds not really an option- i buy online normally with alot of research, but of course folk will say you should try before you buy
  I like the idea of the Ovation as i said ,which i could get for £70 ,but it seems the ultimate starter is a Fluke/Flea, but even from the States they are pretty dear, and i'm not sure about the plastic fretboard. There are some nice looking natural wood ones from the Hawaian luthiers, but i get so mixed up with the names that i haven't a notion what to buy!  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_razz.gif" border=0 alt="Razz">

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i have a few cheapo ukes, and a few "good" ukes, but my Flea uke gets played the most. mine has a rosewood fretboard, but the plastic board is fine.

you should pop on over to <a href="" target="_blank"></a>  they are a great bunch of ukers, and most of them are from your neck of the world. i'm sure someone there could steer you in the right direction.

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I must agree

The FLea  UKE is the best for everyday playing.... Priceis right also- tho I bought mine here in the states.   CHekc out the website-The colors and shapes are wondrous.. fun really.

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I'll quote a message I posted in another thread so you don't have to root through the mega-topic it's under. Hope this helps: (PS my next uke will be a resonator. They're great.)

I wrote.

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You guys who are looking for a uke could do worse than have a look at what (userid) inlaidartist is selling on ebay. I have a Soprano uke in solid koa by him which is absolutely lovely in every respect and came in the best case I've ever seen. My wife paid $70 usd for it plus $65usd shipping. that's about ukp70 for a solid koa uke that would sell for at least ukp 250 in a misuc shop over here. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> =inlaidartist

Two warnings:

1. You can pay a lot more than that. they are $199 on buy it now.
2. You are buying straight off the manufacturer who has factories in China and Vietnam. It's good but looking at his feedback, not everyone's a happy as I am. Also the strings that come fitted to them are crap. Get yourself a pukka set of D'addrios or Aquilias before it arrives to take advantage of the pukka construction.

Alternatively try an Ashbury resonator uke. They are absolutely fantastically loud and clear and look like a national guitar. £195 in hobgoblin music but from Pete Woodman they are £175 including a tuning peg upgrade but not includiong £10 postage to the uk.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

be aware that a concert uke has the same scale length as a soprano meaning it's no easier for the fat fingered. Strangely enough they do feel easier though but I suspect it's psychological.

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<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText"><b>dwvallance wrote on Thu, 15 February 2007 12&#58;33</b></td></tr><tr><td class="quote">

be aware that a concert uke has the same scale length as a soprano meaning it's no easier for the fat fingered. Strangely enough they do feel easier though but I suspect it's psychological.

there's not much of a difference between a soprano and a concert...but a difference notheless:

A soprano uke has a 13" (33 cm) scale length and is usually about 21" (53 cm) total length.

A concert uke has a 15" (38 cm) scale length and is usually about 23" (58 cm) total length.

A tenor uke has a 17" (43 cm) scale length and is usually about 26" (66 cm) total length.

A baritone uke has a 19" (48 cm) scale length and is usually about 30" (76 cm) total length.

here's the link:    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

one could go to any ukulele makers page and get their exact measurements, but the above is close.

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Soprano Hibiscus Flea is on the way from the states for a nice price! Hope i can avoid import duties. Say me a prayer- how much damage can be done to a thermoplastic uke enroute?  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_eek.gif" border=0 alt="Shocked">

          I checked out the inlaid artist fella on ebay- those are some sweet looking ukes- will no doubt drop him a line when my UAS kicks in!

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i love my Flea (as i've written previously), and i think you will too. i changed out my strings right off (to Ko'olau golds), but the Flea sounds good with the black Hilos they come with. i know lots of people swear by Aquilla strings as well.

happy ukin'.

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Many thanks fred. I have a set of Martins that i put on an old 'Lark' i found in the attic- never played them beause its an absolute POS. So they're stretched out already. Are they any good? are they transferrable? i left 'em long on purpose.

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I got really lucky and picked up a barri uke through for twenty nine dollars (US)  I worked a little on getting the action lower than it was when delivered but am finding the instrument excellent.  Good luck


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Hello Uksters,

I call my Flea the 'rain uke'.  It's the one I take to parades or other outdoor activities without worry.  I also have a concert size Fluke, but they are harder to hold while playing without a strap.  I think the Flea is a good choice.  Don't know how much you can spend, but the Bushman Jennys are good sounding and low priced too.  They are probably more than the Flea, however.

I'll warn you - ukesters often collect many ukes.  It's hard to just have one. So, save your money, because you probably will have more ukes than you realize.

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Delivery day tomorrow! Paid some import duty, but she still worked out cheaper! Will check in tomo if i'm not too distracted!