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Do the admin people of Chordie ever put together compilation discs of Chordian work for public release or is there too much legal wrangling involved. There seems to be a vast file of really brilliant work available - when one considers how much rubbish is given airplay everyday I would say the world is ready for some Quality Music. It would be nice if this could happen.

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Re: Compilation discs of Chordian work

Hi Buvvy

There are no cd's that I know of with a cd full of chordians own work, but great idea.

I was thinking of moving this t recording section but it is a chordie topic about chordie and one I think someone should try and do.
Might have a few problems like poeple not wanting to give their songs out etc.

But tis does remind me there is a youtube space for chordians to go to and share their stuff. I have not been there for a while.

Thats about as near as a cd there is so far,lol. an online compilation


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Re: Compilation discs of Chordian work

I think it's a great idea. Since there are people on here sharing music files anyway, it's just one step further. I'd be willing to contribute.

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Re: Compilation discs of Chordian work

Any adimin from chordie has my permission to do whatever you want with anything I have posted on chordie, youtube, myspace, ect. check with me first though to insure that it is an origional as I do record covers of songs sometimes.

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Re: Compilation discs of Chordian work

there is a project going on at the moment in the recording forum its only in the formative stage but we are in the process of selecting songs written by members to record a couple CD's and contribute the proceeds to worthwhile charities smile

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