Topic: installing a humbucker in a tele

i'm wondering if it is possible to install a seymour duncan jazz humbucker in a tele and keep the standard electronic configuration. Well, i know its possible because i've seen it done, i would just really like to see a diagram for it.

Re: installing a humbucker in a tele


Is the duncan a double stack or regular humbucker? (to lazy to jump to the duncan website) You did not mention if you body is routed for two single coil pickups and or a single and regular humbucker. If it is routed s-s (single coil/single coil) then you still can add a double stack humbucker without cutting the body to fit a regular humbucker. The wiring can remain the same using the existing three way switch. You can get the double stack schematic from duncan or the regular humbucker from the fender website. Feel free to pm me if I can help.

Good luck.

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Re: installing a humbucker in a tele

its a standard bucker, and its a mexican tele so its routed for a humbucker in the neck and a single in the bridge. thanks for takin the time to answer my question, this is way different than installing a single coil, and i would like to get this done asap.