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Hey Everyone,

I'm brand new to this site and to playing guitar. I've got an acoustic Yamaha Guitar. I'm basically doing the finger exercises suggested by a music teacher.
I'm looking for some really easy songs to play to build some confidence. I'm learning tab as of right now.
So if you could suggest any easy songs. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

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Welcome FireFitzy...we have lots of new folks and also lots of really good experienced too...we all learn from each other and are willing to help. What kind of music do you like and I bet lots will respond with some ideas for you!

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Actually, i just saw the post below mine

they suggest
looks like a good place to start.
I like Rock & Alternative songs for the most part.....mostly contemporary....any guidance to some songs would be great.
i do have a spot for some Johnny Cash as well tongue

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Go to the Public books tab at the top of this page.  Then select "Absolute beginner" from the menu on the left.  You will find a number of songbooks that folks consider to be comprised of songs for beginners.  Sit back, relax, and surf your way through.  The ones you like, add them to your own songbook.  Have fun.

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If you like Johnny Cash I HIGHLY recommend the cover of "Ring of Fire" by Social Distortion

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Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind.  It's synchopated...thumb, 1, 2, thumb,1, 3.  But I think you'll have it down mostly in about 2 or 3 weeks.  Don't work on chord changes too much at first to get the pick pattern down.

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I forgot -  Landslide Thumb, 1, Thumb, 2 the whole way thru.  That's a good one.

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An easy song that every one knows is Sweet home alabama.  But after playing that five or 6 times youll get bored so try finding some easy classical pieces for guitar.  They sound great, they are challenging, and they are easy to arrange to make what ever sound you like.

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I too am brand new and hope to learn to play my guitar, a Norman I was given by a friend.

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Depends on what you like. It's important that you enjoy practicing otherwise you are more likely to give up! And don't over reach. Start out with some simple 3 chord songs. plenty to choose from.

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Thanks to everybody for your suggestions and guidance, it's greatly appreciated!