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Topic: Let you go

Hello! My second swing of the songwriting bat!

EDIT : Added the chords sorry!

The First verse, is all the E Shaped Barre along the bottom there.
The Second Verse is open except the F
The Third Verse is all Fmaj 7 shape moved along.

The Gb7 is always the barred version on the 2nd fret.

The Instrumentals are along the vein of C, C7, A, Asus2, D, Dsus2  but with a D,UU pattern for each.

The whole song is played all rather slow, and rhythmically.

Edit again : can't seem to get it to show up properly...

Let You GoApeDoctor

picked Intro Here

[Cm]I let you cross the River, [Bm]But there is no bridge for me

[Dm]I let you cross the Ocean, [Bm]But there is no boat for me

[Em]One Day we will make music, [Bm]sing songs of new romances

[Gb7]Until That day, I'll just let you go.

Instrumental Here

[G]I don't want to say goodbye, [Em]But is farewell any better?

[Fm]You can sing your perfect songs, [Em]And I can play my sorrowed Tambourine

[E]I guess someday, [Em]Your heart might beat for me

[Gb7]Until That day, I'll just let you go.

Instrumental Here

[Fmaj7]Your songs they sound so beautiful, [F#maj7]the roses can't compare

[Gmaj7]Kites may soar, [F#maj7]But they'll never reach these heights

[Amaj7]The Sun looks down and smiles, [F#maj7]For it knows what will happen.

[Gb7]Until That day, I'll just let you go.

picked outro

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Re: Let you go

what are the chords?

ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending

Re: Let you go

Hi ApeDoctor,
I took the liberty of editing in the voodoo bits to make it 'all purdy like'.

This lyric has a very cool haunting feel to it - I like it and would love to hear how it sounds.

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