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Another song i jotted down. I'm not overly happy with it all, but well here goes!

Like Kids in Cartoon'sApeDoctor

[C7]It’s Monday and it’s raining

This weathers getting me down

[D7]I wish that I could see you

Through the tear drops on the glass

* Chorus *

[Cm]Why can’t we run

[G7]Like those kids in cartoons

They always seem to find a way

The sun is always rising on their smiles

[C7]It’s Tuesday and its raining

Two days until your back

[D7]The river that divides us

Will soon be running dry

* Chorus *

[C7]It’s Wednesday and its raining

I’m thinking about your smile

[D7]Happy times we shared

Seem so long ago.

* Chorus *

[C7]It’s Thursday and its raining

I’m building myself up

[D7]Roses in my pocket

24 hours and we’ll cry together again

* Chorus *

[Bb]It’s Friday and it’s storming

I saw you at the airport

You passed me right on by

Who’s the guy your dancing?

[Dm]Maybe one day, your heart might beat for me.

Now, its not really strummed, its this new thing that im in love with.

Basically you pick the 2nd and 5th strings, for beat 1&2&

Then its the 1st string and the 5th string for beats 3&4&


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hi apedoctor  a nice song,i find that if you write your first chorus then copy and paste it you don't have to keeep running back to the start of your song to play the chorus,well done....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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so who says you have to rhyme?

nice one...dont get wet


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i like this too.


ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending