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Topic: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

What strings do you use for Acoustic and Electric?

So far I've become partial to Elixir Polywebs for my Ovation and Ernie Ball Coated Slinky's for my Les Paul ... anyone else have anything similar or different?

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Re: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

I have Martin Clapton signatures 12-56's on my acoustic and Dean-Markley Yngwie Malmsteen 8-46's on my electric.  I think that next time I will go back to Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys (9-46).

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Re: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

on electric I use Fender Bullets 09 to 42 on acoustic I like both the elixers and silk n steel by martin smile

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Re: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

I like the Martin Marquies 20/80 bronze on my acoustic. Haven't got an electric     yet.

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Re: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

Usually Elixers all around... lately D'Addario Phosphor Bronze on the Ovation and Elixers on the Epi ST275.  I do really like the coated strings for long life and reduced squeak (especially since flat wound strings are unpopular?/hard to find), but uncoated seem a bit brighter on my Celebrity unplugged.

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Re: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

I usually use D'Addario either phosphor bronze or the silk & steel on my acoustic.  I've been running through strings and wearing them out very fast and so am trying a set of Elixir nanowebs right now.  They sure sound nice.

On my electric, I haven't changed the strings in so long I don't even remember what I use.  I bought a set of D'Addorio nickle strings for it earlier this week.  Maybe I'll try some GHS strings soon.  I've got a couple friends national touring bands and they use GHS on their basses and electrics.  Figured I'd give it a try.  One of them uses a cryogenic string.  Not sure what the benefit is, but they sure do cost a lot.

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Re: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

I use Ernie Ball coated acoustic Slinkys 10-53 on my Takamine and Elixer nanowebs acoustic 10-50s on my Ibanez hollowbody. I want to try the black diamond strings but i'll have to order them. Has anyone used them if so are they anygood?

Re: Your strings for Acoustic and Electric

Elixer nano custom lights (0.011), although I just started using DR's in a cool red finish and these are coated similar to the Elixers and a couple dollars less.