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I'm looking to improve my soloing techniques.  Can anyone reccomend some good blues or classic rock style songs or even just solos that would make for good practice to improve my note choices, phrasing, picking, bends, etc? I've been messing around with some of the pentatonic scales as well, but does anyone have any practical applications for these? Thanks everyone

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Re: Good solos for practicing on


If you're into Social Distortion, there are quite a few good solo's that aren't too hard for beginners ... Mike Ness does simple but excellent solo's

Songs like, "When the Angels Sing", "Don't Take Me for Granted", "Ball and Chain", "Far Behind", "I Was Wrong", "Reach for the Sky", and "Story of My Life"

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Re: Good solos for practicing on

I like to put some Eric Clapton on and play along! Most is a simple 3 chord rythym but is chock full of really cool bends, phrases, runs and stuff. Seems that I always manage to learn something...he always has stuff that ranges from very simple to incredibly complex...

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Re: Good solos for practicing on

The "John Mayall Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton" Is often refered to as the primer for Rock and Roll. I've owned it on LP, cassette, CD, and it was the first thing I downloaded from Itunes. After playing for almost 30 years now I'm still learning from it.

Re: Good solos for practicing on

I've been trying to learn and practice on Brian Setzer licks lately.  His style and phrasings are unique and challenging - and sooo cool!  It has expanded my playing and challenged me greatly.  There are a few Setzer solos right here on Chordie!!  (A big thanks to the tabbers)

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