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Hi Guys and Gals!
Do you know any good urban legends or really scary stories that make you want to soil your pants!

Heres one:

A young girl was babysitting some children in a large old house, the children were in bed and she was watching TV when the phone rang. All the voice on the other end did was laugh, she listened for a minute then hung up. A few minutes later the phone rang again and a scratchy, male voice said "have you checked no the children yet?" She asked who he was, but he just laughed and hung up. She was very scared and called the police. They told her there was really nothing they could do about prank calls, but they'd trace the call if it happened again.

After she got another call asking her if she'd checked on the children, she hung up and the police called her and told her to get out of the house immediately. The calls were coming from the upstairs extension, where he'd already murdered the children.

Enjoy!! smile smile

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That was so lovely, thanks for sharing...........

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The wife is upstairs in bed right now. Whats the chances............nah, I've never been that lucky.

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Good one lol

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Good ole Charlotte,

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oh he is only joking?
I was about to offer my services lol


ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending