Topic: Frightened Girl (another crappy Mike origional)

{t:Frightened Girl}
{st:american chaos theory}

intro:  [Cm]   [Dm7] x2

[Cm]Frightened [Dm7]Girl
[Cm]In the [Dm7]dark
[Bb] Can you find [A]comfort [G]in the
[Cm]night? [Dm7]  [Cm] [Dm7]

Crying girl
In the dark
Can you find comfort in the night?

[Em]There's plauges of [Dm]fire
[Bb]burning in the [G]tree of
[Cm]life  [Dm7]  [Cm] [Dm7]

Instrument solo (guitar or maybe a keyboard) over the whole cCm Dm7 afair for a few measures.

[Em]There's nightmares [Dm]waiting
[Bb]for you in the [G]palace of
[Cm]light  [Dm7] [Cm] [Dm7]

Running girl
In the dark
Can you find comfort in the night?

In the night
Little frightened girl
Little frightened girl
Little frightened girl

It's my latest one so nobody has heard it except my cat Mozart.Let me know what you think.
                                   - Mike

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Re: Frightened Girl (another crappy Mike origional)

I think it is a song - a rather eerie and spooky song, but a good song.  Thanks for posting it.

Your heading 'another crappy Mike original' makes me think perhaps you are not too enamoured of this particular effort . . . but I think it's a perfectly good song.

Since I started writing songs I have realized that not every song can be a gem - in fact, most of what I come up with is gravel . . .

But the good news is that writing songs is not like writing a novel that may take months or years to complete.  If you are not totally impressed with a song, then just keep at it and write some more.

Imagine what it must feel like for a novelist to realize that many months have been spent creating something that is 'not good'.

Reminds me of John Kennedy Toole who wrote "Confederacy of Dunces".  Poor guy could never find a publisher for his novel and ended up committing suicide in utter despair.

However, his mother kept the manuscript and eventually forced it (literally) into the hands of author Walker Percy.  Percy read it, loved it, and saw to it that it was published.  The book became a bestseller and won several awards.  It's a great story - funny, sad, absurd, and memorable.

So anyway, I like "Frightened Girl" - keep 'em coming and don't be so critical of your stuff . . . James

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Re: Frightened Girl (another crappy Mike origional)

Hi Mike,

I absolutely agree with James's comments and have altered the title of my reply to suit.

The minor chord changes you have used definitely give it an eerie feel which suits the lyrics well.

I am pleased to see that you have mastered the chopro formatting and now all I must do is convince you to display the chords all the way through your songs to make it easier for old fools like me to be able to play it all the way through easily. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">


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