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I seem to gravitate occasionally towards a "search cloud" approach when I'm brainstorming.  I've been toying with this for a bit. 

Heard a "spoken word artist" this last weekend that was extraordinarily visual for me.  So, this initial go 'round I decided to throw it on up here in a style I'm not particularly accustomed to (as opposed to throw it up on here; ya' know, sit, set, sat; but I rapidly digress).

Pontificating pathetically a polemic pathos;

     delusional diversities - defining "disastrophes",
     diversified delusions - "irrationalized" remnants.

Burgeoning "apocraphy" will take you on a ride;
     psycho-somatic somnolence erasing years of pride.

A profane profanity, suffocation or submission - psychotics espousing eternal edicts of eviction.

" Buffoonishly" divested, poetically "psychograndized" - the money's always in the workaround...

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Re: PsychoGrandized

demographically misanthropic and tersely glandular... i dont know what any of that means either, but it has merit and deserves an ovation as it is the most lateral poem so far entered here.

well done


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Re: PsychoGrandized


Did you study Anglo-Saxon ? And that's a serious question, because heavy alliteration is a classic feature of the original Beowulf, Seafarer and Wanderer poems ( There's an English translation of the Seafarer here .

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