Topic: Buck Alec's Anger.

Ok . This is a difficult one. Buck Alec was a Belfast character. He was implicated in many murders. Never committed, but certainly guilty. He was known for keeping a lion in his back yard And maybe that lion spoke more truth than Buck did. Buck lived in old Sailortown in Belfast.

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Re: Buck Alec's Anger.

Hi Alan,

I like this one. Strangely enough for me I played it all the way through, normaly I will only play a song as far as the writer has bothered to put the chords in. I played it on my 12 string with a fairly upbeat tempo which seemed to work for me. I liked the chord sequence and hope that you have plans to record it sometime soon. Thank you.

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Re: Buck Alec's Anger.

hi stransongs,

as i read your words, i was trying to imagine the way the song went, was it a waltz, an irish jig, cant make it out, a three line verse i'm not used to, but that's not a criticism it's one hell of a story graphically written and described, and i can't wait to hear how it goes. congrats


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Re: Buck Alec's Anger.

Hi Alan
A real poetic piece hope you can get round to recording like to see how this one turns out..
and welcome to Chordie StranSongs big_smile

Re: Buck Alec's Anger.

I like the lyrics and I can picture this character with a lion with meat in his mouth and I too would enjoy hearing this when you record it,nice word crafting smile

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