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[Em] Bubba McDougal went [D] up on the mountain.

He [C] took both his guns, he was [G] going a hunting.

[Em] Just for the joy of [D] killing some critter.

He'd [C] shoot at some bird and [G] sometimes he'd hit `er.


[D] Hey ma, don't you [Em] fret it's all right.

[G] Bubba's going hunting we'll be [D] eating tonight. X2

It was [Em] cold it was snowing, it was [D] late in the evening.

He [C] thought he saw a mouse, so he [G] took off a running.

He [Em] couldn't see much, it was [D] snowing so heavy.

He [C] fired off his gun, but [G] it was the deputy.

[C] The deputy fell off his horse [G] to the snow.

[Am] Shot through the heart [C] poor deputy Jones-[D]

And [Em] here was the deputy, [D] dead in the snow.

Where [C] Bubba has gone [G] nobody knows.

Till [Em] 9 days later, [D] Bubba was seen.

In a [C] honky-tonk bar, just [G] out-side Abylene.

The [Em] sherriff rode out with a [D] posse of ten,

Riding [C] hard all the way, No [G] time for no plans.

“Hey [Em] Bubba come out, you got [D] no-where to go,

He [C] loosened his holster he was [G] running no more


They [C] met in a back street, no [G] witnesses there.

[Am] Bubba drew first, so the [C] killing was fair.-[D]

[Em] Sixteen bullets were [D] found in his head.

[C] Five through his heart, making [G] sure he's dead.

[Em] Deputy Jones was the [D] sherriff's best friend.

So [C] this was the only [G] way it could end.


Two [Em] bits for the coffin, a [D] dime for the hole.

[C] Bubba McDougal won't [G] ever go home.

[Em] Bubba's mamma asked “[D] where is he laid?�

[C] The undertaker took her [G] out to his grave.


[C] Bubba McDougal [G] he was a good son.

[Am] Killed for a living and he [C] died by the gun.-[D]

[Em] Bubba McDougal went [D] up on the mountain

It was the [C] last time that he [G] ever went hunting

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Re: Bubba McDougal

This song is played in waltz that 3/4 Russ or 6/8? he'll tell you anyway. And it will be up on my space tonight [Wednesday] hopefully.

Oh, also I play it with a capo on the 6th fret to make the first chord Am to G etc. I will transpose if anyone asks


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Re: Bubba McDougal

Great song, Phill. You know I love the Country and Western theme. I would have thought you where from New Mexico or Texas with a song like this. Cant wait to hear this. I'll keep checking myspace but let us know when you post it. Really well done and right up my alley........... Well I guess I should have checked before I responded, its already on there smile I love guitar playing and the harmonies. really well done on this one. My favorite as of yet

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Re: Bubba McDougal

Hi Phill
I'm guessing you've been watching a lot of Clint Eastwood movies recently. Nice writing for somebody that lives in Wales(Which is not England). I liked the flow to this.
Top notch all the way around. smile
I see Myspace has upped the amount of recordings to 10... Maybe I should give myself a boot and get off the couch.

Thanks for the inspiration to dust my axe.


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Re: Bubba McDougal

Thanks Selso and Ken,

All the blame for this goes to Jerome as he said after I posted "Pale Rider" that he loved country songs with someone getting killed in a nice way I guess?

It's so funny how you have this big story that you have to condense into a 3 or 4 minute song, I had to leave out the part about Bubba's family being destitute, that there was a feud between Bubba and the deputy, and how Bubba's brothers go hunting the 10 from the posse and leave the sheriff till last...maybe I'll do a follow-up? there's plenty of material there...wojja think?

Yes Canucky Boy, it's about time you started sharing your talent with us again. And no, I haven't been watching Clint Eastwood films lately, I think most of this came from The Beverly Hillbillies!

Selso, glad you like the harmonies, I'm surprised they came out so well as I'm smothering with the mother of all colds at the moment, oh damn, there's snot running all over my keyboard...gotta go...thanks


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Re: Bubba McDougal

Hi Phill
Just had listen. There's a real pro there singing through the miseries of a cold.
No sneezes or whezzies detected  smile
Excellent as usual..

Re: Bubba McDougal

Cool song Phill, kinda of a hillbilly version of " I Shot The Sherriff". I'm not implying that you're rippin' off  Bob Marley by the way. All great artists borrow from what's out there. It's been happening since the beginning of time. And I love the Bubba McDougal name. One of my nicknames for my 3 yr old son is Burr-head McCoy.( haha)

Peace and Guitars,

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Re: Bubba McDougal

Way to go Phill! I liked all the verses and your voice was never better it has a real earthy feel to a good story smile

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Re: Bubba McDougal

Earthy feel ....? You been using Phill's keyboard, Russell ?

Great song, Phill. Reminded me of Springsteen's "Outlaw Pete"  -   except your's was better. Just one thing - do I take it you mean a moose, rather than a mouse, or have you moved north of Carlisle ?

I'm thinking of setting up a Benevolent Fund for Country Music Song Characters, what with them getting divorced, run out of town, walking lines, stuck in prison and killed on such a regular basis, they obviously need help !

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Re: Bubba McDougal

thanks guy's,


thank-you, i havent heard that particular springsteen track, but i willl certainly be litening out for it.
mouse...moose, their all loose aboot this's the cold, the snot is blocking my keyboard, and my moose is covered in slime...

hi russ

how are you me auld mucka? earthy feel? you been using my keyboard russel?

hi toney,

i hadnt put the two songs together until you mentioned it, yeah i guess there would be a similarity with sheriff's and deputy's...only the sheriff lives and the deputy dies, well it must have been his turn? i actually do "i shot the sheriff" but i always thought he was talking about the sheriff of nottingham, in robin hood?   lol

well from you ark, i feel really honoured, even though i had to come home early from work that night! please dont tell the wife i lost half a shift through singing...
by the by, i just bought the book "pale rider" by bernard cornwell, you said you'd read it? going to start on it tonight.

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Re: Bubba McDougal

Phill I was refering to a down to earth feel and ive never been better my Welsh friend just got out of the hospital and alls well smile

Phill Williams wrote:

hi russ

how are you me auld mucka? earthy feel? you been using my keyboard russel?

"Growing old is not for sissies"