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Hi All I'm new to playing guitar, can anyone help and give me a site they easiest way to read tabs and music that is easy to play. Did I mention I'm a poor college student so it is better if it's free.

Thanks all

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There are lots of sites out there.  You can find anything you need to get started right here.  Just browse through the forums.  Free is always better.  Welcome and good luck Swmr

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You've found the best guitar site ever....I've learned alot here and you will too just stay with it and have fun........

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Try Justin has loads of lessons on everything and a good few videos.

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  Welcome to Chordie... it's all here in one place and you'll find that most of the members are more than willing to encourage you, help you, teach you, and give good spirited "grief" when your fingers are sore and hands are cramping.... and you are seriously considering tossing the darn thing in the waste bin.

  Stay with it and hang around here with this crowd, pretty soon you'll be hooked like the rest of us! 

Welcome and Take Care;

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swmr welcome to Chordie and it dont get any easier to learn then coming here to Chordie I learned everything I know here,well not everything lol just kidding you will find the friendliest people on the Internet here and there always willing to pass on good advice smile

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Welcome to the world of guitar players! You happen to be on one of the best sites available smile Check out a few of the public song books for songs you may know! Keep it simple at first! Good luck, just practise lots and you will get better, there are no

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