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looking for a really good instuctional video.  Not looking for a whole lot of theory yet. Just wanna learn to play simple songs and build off it.  Right now im working on transistions between chords.  But my strum rythem stinks.  Thanks

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The 'Fender Presents' DVDs are well regarded but frankly you'll find guitar groups and tuition far more fun and encouraging. Try your local guitar shop and see if they have anyone who does lessons. You can learn so much more, so  much quicker when you can ask questions and get personalised tips.

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videos can tend to run off and leave you,my best advise is if you know anybody that plays try to sit in with them,this is without a doubt the best way.dont be afraid to ask questions.a question never asked is a question never anwsered.

hang in there dude,everybodys strumming sucked in the beginning.

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i am currently stationed in kadahar, Afghanistan for the next 10 months. Im playing with a couple guys now but i can tell thy get a little bored breaking everthing down for me.  just looking for something to do when im alone.  Thanks

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First of all Sir may I send you my best wishes, admaration, and thanks for the duty you have taken upon yourself.In the situation that you are in have you ever thought of doing any writing? What I'm saying is, if you are having a hard time keeping up with the players, use your instument as a springboard of accomplishment. Enjoy the freedom of expresion that music gives you. Tell of your experiences, thoughts and observations, in the very chaotic world that surrounds you.