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I noticed that we haven't seen Kajima around lately, or have I just missed his post, Kajima if your still out there let us know how you are!


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Re: Kajima

Hi Cameron,

  Saw a posting from him on Song Requests dated July 9th.  So I think he's still around, but perhaps busy.... wasn't there something about the Priddy Folk Music Festival coming up real soon?  Maybe has a full plate at the moment.

I'm sure your concern is appreciated.

Take Care;

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Re: Kajima

Hey guys!

Thanks for asking after me. Yep, VERY busy. Folk festival and lots of campers, building a thunderbox (coulda done with some help from Mr. Segal; you wouldn't think building a toilet could put your safety/life in jeapardy!?!? but people never fail to astound and it does stop life becoming dull)

I was hanging fire from spending time here as I have/had a major music related project that I wanted to tell you all about, but I'm not sure now if that is going to happen - best laid plans, eh.

Had a gig at a new venue on Saturday (new to me) called the Tom Moggs, named after the last station master from the station over the road who used to spend most of his time in the pub! Good grief it's a HUGE place; you wouldn't think a pub out in the middle of nowhere could be so big! There with the Monday night jam crew. We went down well and are going back as a regular thing.

Thanks again for thinking of me! I'm off to put some paint on this 'house belong pek-pek!'


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