Topic: Bring In The Day.

Just another love song.

I play the following diferently from the chords shown. They're much simpler.
C6    002010
E7     020100
Fmaj7 003210

I love taking chord shapes and moving them across the fret  board, rather than just up and down - something I learnt from playing the mandolin. Think Am - E.

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Re: Bring In The Day.

i am soooo disappointed!

i checked out your myspace  and this wasnt there.

this song is so poetic, so just makes me envious reading it. you are a true bard my friend. excellent work, thanks for sharing, and get the recording up soon


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Re: Bring In The Day.

Hi Strans
Interesting set of lyrics. I would like to hear this one to...
hope you get round to recording this one...

Re: Bring In The Day.

Great song strans, I do believe they get better every time. I really like the words.

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Re: Bring In The Day.

hi stransongs i too looked on your website,great songs on there but not this one,waiting in anticipation.....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool