Topic: America is coming to my town next month

Sometimes it's good to be big enough of a town to attract the old bands that aren't playing big venues any more.  I've seen recent concert footage of America, and they still have it.  Love that stuff.  They are the essence of my beloved Sissified 70's Folk/Pop music.  Them and James Taylor. 

Anyway, time to get a babysitter. 

- Zurf

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Re: America is coming to my town next month

Get your tickets early!  Crosby Stills and Nash are heading over our way in September, and we grabbed tickets as soon as available...  48 hours later..... Sold out!

America is one of my faves from that decade also and got to see them live early in their careers.  Great then and still cookin'!
Have a good time at the concert Zurf.

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Re: America is coming to my town next month

Hi Zurf, If you go to the America concert, you will not be disappointed. I saw them a couple years ago and it was probably one of the best live performances that I've ever heard.

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Re: America is coming to my town next month

Now that will be a great acoustic concert, I bet!  And I love James Taylor too!  Did you see him on the Elvis Costello show, "Spectacle" this season?  He's such a "gentle" man.  Really lovely to listen to him speak and play/sing.

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