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My starter guitar was borrowed and there were several.  I mostly got them from people who didn't play their own starter guitars.  When I was convinced that this was something I wanted to do I went out and spent the bucks on something I really wanted.  28 years later, I still have that guitar and play it almost daily.

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When I bought my first guitar the guy in the shop said I would be better off spending a few hundred ££ as the benefit of a more expensive guitar would be immense.  I fully accepted this but my argument was I didn't want to spend several hundred ££ only to get fed up after a few weeks.  He did me a deal on an older stock version from £120 to £60 (I don't for one minute think it was ever for sale foir £120 tho).

Anyway after a while I lowered the action, got some Martin Lights and I really enjoyed playing it.  It was only as my chord shapes became better and clearer that I could hear how bad the sound actually was. 

Anyway after 7 months of between 1-2 hours a day I got a Epiphone EJ 200 last week!  All I can say is SWEET, I love it, easier to play and the sound is..!

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i used to say i played the guitar also. i went on a trip to nashville and stopped at a carwash not much business got to talking music because he saw my guitar in the back killing time we started playing around he did things i did not know my guitar could do, i did not even play after him i was almost embarressed so now i say i have fun with it and  it still keeps it fun

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My beginner guitar wa a real piece of junk, so as soon as I knew I was sticking with it (after about 6 month), I started scouting pawn shops. Good guitars are not that expensive. I have a Tacoma cedar acoustic, And I would put it up against almost any other basic acoustic guitar. I have had many compliments on it, both sound and playability. It runs about $450 new but I got mine at a pawn shop for $250, and I'll never sell it, its by far my favorite guitar.
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Cedar's got a nice tone.  Good pick there tbronaugh. 

Rstauffe - I've got a couple friends and acquaintances in the Nashville music scene.  The song "Nashville Cats" got it right.  (for Del McCoury version, just because Del McCoury counts as one of those Nashville Cats who plays 'clean as country water')

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