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Hello everyone,

It's been a long while since I posted, I have been checking in lightly everyday but have not posted or answered any post. I've been very busy, finally getting some closeure in my life and moving on. I am producing for an indie label as well as my own production co. the studios are not done yet but still manage to get things done. This amognst finishing my work shop (about ready to build a duplicating machine for cutting carve tops) and still building and doing repair on guitars all this while holding down a 40 hr job. I still manage to go see my nephews play baseball on the weekend. All in all life is good and getting better I got my soulshine going on and a big smile on my face. Miss alot of my ole friends (Southpaw, Roger, Phil, Russ, The grand lady Lena and anyone I left out). Good to be back.



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welcome back boot we held down the fort glad you got things on track smile

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Céad Mile Fáilte Bootleger,

Im supposed to be working but i wanted to say Hello and welcome back. Im thinking here " wouldn't life be dull, if new dawns didn't take us in new directions ?  Its always good to do something new.
Im delighted you are feeling refreshed and fulfilled.

Old Doll.

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Good to see you back Bootlegger, you've been busy.

have a good day,,   Badeye     cool

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Hi Boot,

I am so pleased to hear you again, your prescence has been sorely missed, but glad that you have been busy and keeping out of mischief lol.

Welcome back,


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Chordie feels just that little bit more complete somehow...

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Great to hear from you Bootlegger! Sounds like you have some really cool stuff going on. Glad you're well.

Peace and Guitars,

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bootlegger? bootlegger? bootlegger?
oh yeah I remember that name now lol
Welcome back!

and good luck with yer producing.


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