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Hi all
Now Summer is almost memory (well in the UK it is) and Winter is almost upon us once again. Just a little musical taste of languid days spent near the sea with just a hint of edginess thrown in for good measure tongue
Guitar etc all recorded and mixed with Magix software. … ID=8290695

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hi ark just had a listen,brilliant sound,full of eastern promise,that should get the belly dancers shaking their hips,well done....stay cool

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Ark - both my son and I think it has a slightly middle eastern or maybe Indian feel to it.  Very cool, tranquil, relaxing.  I can imagine a day at the beach.  I think the steel drum would go great in there!  OH... have you done anything with a steel drum sound in it?  I'd love to hear something like that from you!

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Re: Vie de Plage.. A recording

Beautiful as always Ark,

Could do with a sunny beach today. This does remind me of Dubai.

Its very mesmerising to listen to. Your so good at these instrumentals. I was going to download it but, theres all the bits that come with same,
so be a darlin and link when you have time.

I really  enjoyed listening.

Thanks Ark.
Old Doll.

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Re: Vie de Plage.. A recording

Vie de Plage, Interesting name for a song Ark big_smile: What does it mean?
I get a feel of watching thundering waves crashing on a beachhead and anticipating the coming winter blahs. But that is just me. lol

Great mix and arrangement as usual.
You should take a stab at some lyrics and vocals on one of your projects. My bet is it would turn out as good as your music.


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Re: Vie de Plage.. A recording

Hi daddy
Thanks for the comment. Belly dancers now that's thrown up some nice images  smile

Don't think I've done any thing with steel drums in the percussion. Though I can see where your coming from with the suggestion.
Thanks for taking the time to listen amd comment.

old doll
Glad it threw up some nice sunny memories for you..
An MP3 will be travelling through cyber space to you soon  smile

Vie de plage is french for Beach life. Just sorted reminded me of the southern coast and the Mediterranean...
I have done songs with words  smile and warbled a bit in the past. Just got out of practise...
Thanks for your comment.

Re: Vie de Plage.. A recording

hi ark,

just had a listen [left you a message] excellent piece of music, it shows off your skills as a musician, a composer and a master of mood!
it reminds me of a turkish chill-out session, booze and belly dancers!!!! tongue

love it


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Re: Vie de Plage.. A recording

Hi Phill
Thanks for the comments here and on Soundclick.
I used a guitar with some FX for the melody..
I reckon you and daddycool must think alike with images of belly dancers smile
All the best