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Hi to everyone on this forum. My name is Laurence.
I understand many of you have various guitar styles and intrests.
I am simply a beginner. I am the pastor of a small church in East Belfast.
we dont have an Organest, or any musical talented people.
Three years ago I was given an Acoustic Guitar and have taught myself how to strum  a few Hymns.
I pray this site takes me on much further. I am delighted with the  Gospel section, and by the way I also like
country music forby. I struggle with Rhythm I seem to be trapped in the same old up and down beat.
I simply wanted to introduce myself and say a big thank you to all those who contributed to this site
and made Chordie possable.  Every Blessing To You All
Pastor Laurence

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A warm welcome to you Laurence smile It's great to have you aboard! Feel free to jump right in the discussions. We're like a big family here smile -Pix

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My Goodness Pix- Away from North Carolina.
Isn't that something, It's like as if your living next door.
Thank you Pix for the welcome.
Pastor Laurence

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welcome laurence,

this site is good for everyone, advanced,beginners , intermediate players, even those that do not play.

If you need any help just ask in the relevant section of the forum. There is a right good bunch of folk on here from all over the world that help those in need.

I am a total non believer but i hope that does not bother you. But I would rather walk by a church and hear hymns getting sung to the sound of a guitar rather than an organ. I think they play guitars in the church on Jura. Or they do at the folk festival time.

anyway, enjoy yourself here.


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I'm the same as upyerkilt.  it takes all kinds to make the world go round.  Welcome pastor.  i am sure you will get lots of help here when you visit.  Strummimg is relative.  Yes, there are the right ways to strum, like the original song was intended, but i, also am not the best strummer, so I use a combination of strumming and picking as I sing various songs and they sound pretty good.  So, don't be afraid of developing your own style.  something that you are comfortable with.  everyone does it.  Good luck and i am happy to meet you.

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Yes welcome Pastor Laurence to Chordie we are a large denomination of music lovers and just as the big boss we welcome all even the heathen to our fold lol

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Welcome to Chordie Pastor Laurence. You picked the right forum to join in on. smile Lots of friendly folk here with tons of great tips to help the novice to the seasoned pro get gooder.


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Hi Pastor Laurence,

  Welcome aboard, were glad to have you. just jump in and hang on. Lots of friendly people more than willing to help anyone. We have guitar players of all levels of talent that are quick with good answers, and no question is a silly question, so again, welcome aboard!


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A big hearty hello to everybody out there in cyberspace...just jumping on board to say that this is the best site for chords...I Love It!  I'm just learning some of these minor chords, it takes me forever but hey that's part of the fun. Thanks so much. smile

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Welcome to chordie PastorLaurence and ngeruu! Helping and observing how beginners progress are some of the most valuable lessons to be learned here, so please visit and post often letting us all know how you are doing.

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Welcome to the site,I think you will meet alot of people here and learn alot of music. It will also be interesting for you to see other peoples ways from different countries.

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May I add my welcome to Lawrence and to Ngeruu.

Lawrence there are several Members who play in their churches and I am sure they will be able to offer help with any specific hymns you want. As for rhythm, this is always the most difficult area to explain in writing, listening and feeling becomes fairly easy over time but having someone demonstrate is probably best. At the start of the Acoustic section is a 'Sticky' with some strumming patterns that may help.


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Welcome to Chordie Pastor Laurence and Ngeruu.
I am glad to see other guitar playing believers in the forums. I play every so often at church  but mostly at home and get alot of joy from doing so. There are alot of good and easy songs of faith to be found and played on this site. If there's any doubt on the strumming for them just play it as you feel it and it will come to you eventually.

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Welcome! I really can't do any better than Mr. Harding has:

Russell_Harding wrote:

Yes welcome Pastor Laurence to Chordie we are a large denomination of music lovers and just as the big boss we welcome all even the heathen to our fold lol

Nice sentiment, and certainly the feeling that I take away from my visits here.

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I really and truely appreciat such a welcome from all you guys
Thanks Roger I found that section, Yes it is good for strumming patterns
Just what i was looking for.I better be careful this site doesn't get into me to much
or my Sermons will be taking a back seat. But really guys you are all terific.
and a personal e/mail  from ZURF. Who could ask for anything better.
Pix- Ken-bensonp-Russell_Harding-Kenny-Cam-Ngeruu-topdown-dino48-Roger
and everyone else a Big Thank You.
I would like to have made those names bold, but i don't know how,
Pastor Laurence

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hi pastor laurence welcome to chordie, there's something for everyone on here,just enjoy the experience....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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The best christmas music is the classical style played on Acoustic Guitar.  Thats how I'm learning "Tannenbaum" aka "O Christmas Tree".

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Why has Chordie changed so much. I used to be able to edit songs and now can't. Also, EVERY song says its not saved on chordie and even a lot of Christmas songs say that and to go to another site, yet wont open them when I do. I just noticed these changes in the past couple of weeks. I have been a member for a couple years now.

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Hi Danny1,

  I hope your difficulties are transient.... Personally I haven't seen a change, but I don't spend a lot of time while here browsing the Artist's pages.

  I don't remember Chordie ever hosting files directly on local servers, and I have been visiting this site for a lot longer than I have been a registered member.  That in itself may be the "Saving Grace" that prevents Chordie from going out in a ball of flames like OLGA.  But as the various publishers attempt to tighten their stranglehold on their rights to publish works of music, we may find it harder to get TAB scores online without having to purchase a book of "selections" most of which we really don't care about anyway.

  If your problem persists, you might drop an E-mail to Admin and get some advise about ensuring that all is as it should be at both ends of the line.

Thanks For Posting, and Take Care;

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