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I'm HurtinMichael Wright

intro [G] [A7] [G] [A7] [b]

[b]I'm hurtin

[G]Every since the [A7]day

[G]you went a[A7]way

[b]I'm hurtin

[G]The pain in my [A7]eyes

[G]at the thought of your [A7]lies

[b]It's certain

[C]you won't be a[D7]round

[C]the worlds got me [D]down

[b]It's certain

[C]I'm here on my [D7]own

[C]feelin all a[D7]lone

[E7]I'm hurtin

[D]Please [C]come [b]back

[D]Please [C]come [b]back

[D]Please [C]come [b]back

[b]I'm hurtin (repeat as long as you keep hurtin)

Played in a real choppy 4/4 on accoustic or electric with just a little dirty grit distortion. A little slide action over it may be nice but I can't play slide so I don't know.

"Nobody paints by ear so why would I play guitar by sight?" hmm

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hey ACT thats a cool one,right on.

it's gettin "Badeyed" again oh ya.

one caper after another

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Hey Mike,

I screwed it up playing it but I like the words.  Are you going to record it? I'd like to hear how it's supposed to be played.


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Re: I'm Hurtin ( another origional )

Hi Mike,

Like Jeff I like the words and the chord sequence but had difficulty marrying the two together. You must record it as I feel it will work very well. I can make room on FoC if you are short of somewhere to place it.

Thank you,


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