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Anyone out there own or play an 80's Strat type guitar from Martin called Stinger?  I'm looking for any info I can find on cost, value (not always the same thing, you know), playablity, etc.


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Re: Martin Stinger circa 1980's

no. but ive played one. them things r nice! ilove playin any martin espesially that one.

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Re: Martin Stinger circa 1980's

I've owned one for about 10 years and play it almost every day. Mine was modified with a midi pickup and a Gibson mini humbucker in the neck position. I sold the midi system - it was not what I wanted after all, but ended up keeping the guitar, for cheap money or FREE.

My Stinger SSX has a solid maple body, with ebony finger board, with a wicked nice feel to the neck. Not super quality, but a pleasing shape and weight, and it has a FANTASTIC sound.
I really think more guitars should have humbuckers in the neck position and single coils in the bridge - they give you more of what you want, big sound up front, treble and twang in the rear position.
Anyway, I now own another strat clone and a G&L tribute telecaster, which both have fatter necks and feel like more expensive guitars (which they are) But, the Stinger is actually my favorite. 

No doubt, I have had lots of other guitars, some very expensive ones too. But, I will always keep my Stinger. Because, well, for one: it isn't worth anything, so why would I sell it. and 2: Because it has and probably always will play and sound better than anything else I owm.   Yes, it doesn't give me any bragging rights, but it gives me everything else I want in a guitar.

If you have a chance to get one cheap - jump on it. Then make the switch to a humbucker up front. (It ain't like you gotta worry about it loosing it's "VALUE", 8-)

Re: Martin Stinger circa 1980's

Intersting I never thought martin ever made an electric guitar.

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Re: Martin Stinger circa 1980's

dino48 wrote:

Intersting I never thought martin ever made an electric guitar how to.

He sure did. The guitars from martin are nice ones. But I don't own one Stinger. But yeah, I've tried playing it and it was good.