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My 13 year old is learning guitar and needs songs using d,c,f. unfortunately, mom is musically and computer illiterate.  any suggestions would help she prefers country and worship music. thank you

Re: songs using d, c, f chords

Welcome, plumearth.  I can't recommend one right off, but if you find which songs she likes, or groups, just look them up in here.  There are plenty with those chords, especially old country.  Good luck

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Re: songs using d, c, f chords

If he can do F he can play any major chord with the same grip. 

e.g. move the grip from the 1st to the 2nd fret and you get F#.  The next fret and you get G, the next you get G#, the next you get A, etc.

I'd recommend he learn some 1-4-5 chords (Do - Fa - So) so he can play most rock, c&w and blues songs.

e.g. C-G-F is pretty simple as is A-D-E - they'll work with 90% of basic songs

Get some Creedence from Chordie - he'll see chord diagrams off to the right - then get them doing the song on Youtube (you'll need to open 2 tabs in Windows) - works great!!  Skip any "fancy" chords for later.

Re: songs using d, c, f chords

try going to, and though  the public books

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Re: songs using d, c, f chords

If he can master an F chord and it's relatives, all other chords will be a piece of cake.  The B chords will fall into place nicely as well.  Mastering F chords will be a step towards also developing skill with barre chords.

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