Topic: Nails.

This question may seem so stupid,It could bring Chordie to a groaning halt!

I Took some time out south of the tension line to go fishing this week. Its very ofton a thought provokeing experience.!

I was blessed with long natural nails all my life, cutting them to play guitar took some time to get used too. I hated the feeling of having no nails, but my love of guitar over ruled .. How did Dolly Parton And her lady guitar playing friends play with such long nails?, even if they were acrilics ?.

  "OH vanity would i offend thee "

PS. the fishing was great.

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Re: Nails.

As far as I can make out, Dolly tunes her guitar to an open chord and then just moves her barred finger up and down.

Yes?, No?

Or she isn't playing it!!!!!

Shock Horror!

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Re: Nails.

I don't think she is playing. I could just imagine the actual sound with nails like that.

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