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Hey chordie! Been a while but I have been very productive. I recently recored a blues album titled "You Got It Made". The first single, "Come On Over" is available for listen and download @
Check it out, add us to your friends and tell everyone about Southern Illinois hot, new blues sensation!
I will post lyrics/chords to the origionals as they are released.

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I will get back to your post,
Just havent time now sir.

Old Doll.

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hi mikey glad you have'nt forgotten us,congrats on your album,catch you soon....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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Welcome back, ACT.  It sounds like you have been busy for a good cause.  Congratulations on the album.

You can see all my video covers on [url][/url]
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Hey Mike - I saw you on MySpace too. Glad you are still playing and very glad you are back on Chordie.

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