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I'm embarrassed to say that I've been playing many years and never asked for advice about strings. HERE'S MY PROBLEM: my hands sweat and not just that but my sweat would suck the chrome off a bumper...really, my strings are "dead" in a week.

Should I be wiping them with a treated rag?

Is there a brand of string that is super-resistant to acid-sweat?

Anybody else seeping acid out there?

Thanks, Paul

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Hey Paul, welcome to Chordie. I also have your problem.

There are loads of people on this forum rave about Elixir strings. They have a special coating that makes them last a bit longer. They also cut down on string squeek apparantly. I have never tried them, I'm to tight fisted to spend the money on them.

I got myself a Swipe. It's basically a bit of plastic covered in cloth which is shaped so that you can clean your strings - front and back. It lets you get right in between them. I use it after every good long session. I have found that it does make a difference.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Paul,

I too have the same problem and, like Alvee33, I am too mean to buy expensive coated strings.

Apart from wiping my strings with a lint free cloth each time I play, every couple of days I use Dunlop 65 string cleaner and conditioner which really seems to help.


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Re: Strings die

I clean my strings with Fast Fret, great stuff.<img src="index.php?t=getfile&id=135&private=0" border=0 alt="index.php?t=getfile&id=135&private=0">

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Re: Strings die

Hey Paul,

I have the same problem, especially at my guitar lesson.  Nervous and wanting to impress my guitar teacher I guess.  smile  Anyway, I just put on a set of "Elixir Light for Acoustic" strings and I love them!  Easier on the fingers and less squeak.  Definitely worth the extra cash.  Especially if they last twice as long.  I still wipe my strings after I play too. 

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Re: Strings die

Elixir strings are the way to go.  They last ten to 15 times longer and you know when they die. Not like uncoated strings that die slowly from dead skin cells in them, or from acid breakdown.  They are more expensive, but not in the long run.  Maybe they're not for everybody, but I swear by the coated strings.  Give 'em a chance man!!

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Re: Strings die

I buy strings by the dozen (I have 13 guitars right now) so I change them quite often on one guitar or another. I usually find my brand of choice on sale and buy a box or two, both acoustic & electric strings.


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Wipe, wipe, wipe... No treated rags, no fast fret or any other "string cleaners".Just a clean, thin, cloth rag small enough to fit between the strings and the fretboard. I perform daily in a high heat/humidity climate and the best thing I have found in string preservation is to wipe them down before I start to play, between sets, and when I'm done. This is the best way to get the most out of your strings.
As far as strings I personally like heavy guage nickle strings(.12-.54 or
.13-.56) They don't sound as crisp as bronze, phosphor. nano or poly web coated strings but they do not lose sound quality as the strings go through their life cycle. What you lose in sound quality with the nickle strings can be compensated by boosting your highs on your guitar, mixer, and/or amp. I am a tone junkie and the nickle strings are consistant and reliable.
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