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Hey Everyone... Here's another song from Rooster3.  I've had this one for a little while and just finished writing it, coincidetally like the song says while sitting in my front porch swing. Ironic.  ....Any suggestions on this would help before I record it.  Thanks again!

Don’t Say I Didn’t TryWritten By: Blake Stitcher

Copyright: Blake Stitcher

Intro:  D,  G,  A,  D

Verse 1:

[D] Sittin’ in my front porch rockin’ [G] swing,

[A] Wavin at the clouds as they pass [D] by.

[D] Singin’ a song I wrote for [G] you girl,

[A] About a love shared between you and [D] I.

Verse 2:

[D] I was wondering where it all went [G] wrong,

[A] Maybe we both grew up too [D] fast.

[D]This swing’s where we both fell in [G] love

But now I’m starin’ [A] at a half-full liquor [D] glass.


[D] But don’t you say I didn’t [G] try,

[A] To give you all that you [D] asked.

[D] If door number two has got what you [G]need,

[A]Then girl I wish you the [D] best

[D]Maybe my love just ain’t [G] enough,

[A] To keep you from walkin’ out that [D]door.

[D]But don’t you say I didn’t [G] try

To love you all my [A] life

You can’t say I didn’t [D] try.G, A, D

Verse 3:

A cool breeze blows across the porch,

To cool a hot afternoon sunset.

I’ve tried calling your phone a few times,

But I ain’t heard nothing back yet

Verse 4:

I heard you’ve got a new man across town

And I hope that he’ll be good to you.

Cause if you ever do call me back

I just wanted to tell you that we’re through



"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels

Re: Don't Say I Didn't Try

Very nice little love-gone-wrong song, Blake.  I just noticed it on the forum and took the liberty of adding the coding so the the formatting voodoo would make it 'all purdy like'.

3-chord songs are wonderful - I enjoy the melodic freedom avialable when using a simple chord structure.  Hope you don't mind my edit-in the format codes.  James

"That darn Pythagorean Comma thing keeps messing me up!"

Re: Don't Say I Didn't Try

I don't mind at all James.  When u format it it makes it look a ton better and when i read it i can tell how to read it better!

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels