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I’m left handed I studied the guitar for a year when I was in school “ over 30 years ago “
I learn to play right handed. I bought a guitar a couple of weeks ago just on a whim.
It’s Right handed .  list night at a party I was telling some friends.
They said I should start playing Left handed because I we never get as good as I can if I play right handed.
Is there anyone out there that has experienced this.. and what do you recommend..

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Left or right handed, Can a lefty play right handed or shuold he learn to play left

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This sounds like a question for Southpaw41L to me!!!

Hang in there though I'm sure advise is forthcoming.  Welcome to the Chordie Forums by the way!

Personally I'm terminally Right Handed, can't blow my nose with the other hand.  Have friends however that seem to "switch- hit" with no problems.... funny though, most of them are in the music business and have the need to do so regularly.  The rest of us just get stuck at one or the other.  It shouldn't matter though to my mind, unless it's one of those "right brain/left brain" things.

Thanks for posting & Take Care;

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You need both hands to play the guitar.  Just because you're right handed doesn't mean the left hand doesn't work.  If you can play right-handed, then why go to the expense to get a left-handed guitar, and the bother to have to switch everything around in text books and chord charts and whatnot?  That's my $0.02. 

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Re: Lelt or right handed

I tried to switch from right-handed to left.
Holy cow, it was like starting over from day 1.
I figured fretting with my right hand would enable me to play faster. I got discouraged and decided to stay a righty and play rhythm.
I read that Southpaw 41L managed to achieve this. Gotta respect a herculean effort.
Would appreciate more insight on this.

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Switching is the hard part.  If you can already play right handed, keep it up.  And I don't believe for a minute that you can't become as good a player keeping with the right hand method.  That's bunk.  If you are already comfortable the way you are playing, keep it that way.  And good luck.

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I can play right or left but I am alot better right handed,I write left handed play sports ( most ) both need to do what you feel is comfortable for yourself.

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Thanks heaps for all your advise guy's, most helpful.. Think I will stay with the right.

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i'm the other way about, i write right handed, but play guitar lefty. i can pick-out chords righty, i suppose i could play righty if i practised. but i wont cos i've got lefty a strat and a telecaster, + a 12 string and a 6 string acoustic + a lefty bass, so no plans to swap.
it all boils down to how you feel most comfortable...righty lefty...what's the difference? it's the playing that counts!


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I'm true left-handed, but when it came to picking up a guitar it seemed natural to hold a right handed guitar prob because most of them are right hand guitars.  Don't know if my picking hand has suffered but I do play some arpeggio and am satisfied right handed playing is ok for me.  Besides you get to play on a lot more guitars that way.