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The Sun Is Blue Like the Eggs in Winter

The Sun Is Blue Like the Eggs in Winter (1998)


Haïku (1999)

Western sous la neige

Western sous la neige (2002)

La Mécanique du cœur

La Mécanique du cœur (2007)

Dionysos Plays Bird’n’Roll!

Dionysos Plays Bird’n’Roll! (2012)

Dionysos is a French pop band formed in 1993 in Valence, Drôme; they formed at their lycée. They perform songs in both French and English, and have released six studio albums. They are well known in France for their surrealism and eccentricity.

Their first album, Happening Songs, was self-produced and with entirely English lyrics. With their second album The sun is blue like eggs in Winter (also self-produced) Babet became a member. In 1999, they signed to a major label (the now defunct Trema) and released Haïku which brought the band in to the public eye, mainly thanks to the success of the single "Coccinelle".

The name of the band comes from the ancient Greek god Dionysus, which in French is Dionysos.