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Frank Turner

A Love Worth Keeping (2 versions)
Broken Piano
Dan'€™s Song (3 versions)
English Curse (2 versions)
Eulogy (8 versions)
Faithful Son (2 versions)
Father'€™s Day (3 versions)
Four Simple Words (5 versions)
Get Better (2 versions)
Glorious You (3 versions)
Glory Hallelujah (2 versions)
I Am Disappeared (6 versions)
I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous (3 versions)
I Still Believe (2 versions)
If Ever I Stray (2 versions)
Isabel (4 versions)
Jet Lag (2 versions)
Journey of the Magi (6 versions)
Live Fast Die Old (4 versions)
Long Live the Queen (7 versions)
Losing Days (2 versions)
Must Try Harder (2 versions)
Nights Become Days (2 versions)
Oh Brother
Once We Were Anarchists (6 versions)
One Foot Before the Other (2 versions)
Our Lady of the Campfire (2 versions)
Out of Breath
Peggy Sang the Blues (2 versions)
Photosynthesis (6 versions)
Plain Sailing Weather (3 versions)
Poetry of the Deed (2 versions)
Polaroid Picture (4 versions)
Reasons Not to Be an Idiot (3 versions)
Recovery (6 versions)
Redemption (4 versions)
Richard Divine (4 versions)
Rivers (3 versions)
Romantic Fatigue (3 versions)
Silent Key (3 versions)
Song for Josh
Sons of Liberty (2 versions)
St Christopher Is Coming Home (3 versions)
Substitute (3 versions)
Sunday Nights (2 versions)
Susannah (2 versions)
Tattoos (2 versions)
Tell Tale Signs (4 versions)
The Fastest Way Back Home (2 versions)
The Fisher King Blues (2 versions)
The Next Storm (2 versions)
The Opening Act of Spring
The Road (2 versions)
The Way I Tend to Be (6 versions)
Time Machine (2 versions)
To Take You Home (3 versions)
Try This at Home (3 versions)
Vital Signs (2 versions)
We Shall Not Overcome (3 versions)
Wessex Boy (6 versions)
Wisdom Teeth (3 versions)
Worse Things Happen at Sea