Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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A Nickel for the Fiddler (3 versions)
Analog Girl (2 versions)
Anyhow, I Love You (4 versions)
Arizona Star (3 versions)
Bag of Bones (3 versions)
Baton Rouge (4 versions)
Black Diamond Strings (4 versions)
Black Haired Boy (2 versions)
Boats to Build (3 versions)
Broken Hearted People (5 versions)
Cold Dog Soup (5 versions)
Dancin'€™ Days (2 versions)
Die Tryin'€™ (3 versions)
Dublin Blues (9 versions)
El Coyote
Fool Such As I
Forever, for Always, for Certain
Funny Bone (3 versions)
Hank Williams Said It Best (2 versions)
Hemingway'€™s Whiskey (2 versions)
Homeless (2 versions)
How'€™d You Get This Number (2 versions)
I Don'€™t Love You Much Do I (3 versions)
Immigrant Eyes (4 versions)
In the Jailhouse Now (3 versions)
Instant Coffee Blues (6 versions)
L.A. Freeway (5 versions)
Let Him Roll (7 versions)
Like a Coat from the Cold (4 versions)
Lone Star Hotel
Magdalene (3 versions)
Magnolia Wind (5 versions)
Maybe I Can Paint Over That (4 versions)
Men Will Be Boys (2 versions)
Mud (2 versions)
My Favorite Picture of You
Off the Map (4 versions)
Old Friends (2 versions)
Out in the Parkin'€™ Lot (4 versions)
Picasso'€™s Mandolin (3 versions)
Queenie'€™s Song (2 versions)
Rex'€™s Blues (2 versions)
Rita Ballou (4 versions)
She Ain'€™t Goin'€™ Nowhere (3 versions)
She Loves to Ride Horses (2 versions)
Soldier'€™s Joy 1864 (2 versions)
South Coast of Texas (2 versions)
Stuff That Works (3 versions)
Texas - 1947 (3 versions)
Texas 1947
Texas Cookin'€™ (3 versions)
That Old Time Feeling (5 versions)
The Ballad of Laverne and Captain Flint
The Cape (10 versions)
The Dark (3 versions)
The Guitar
The Houston Kid (3 versions)
Tornado Time in Texas (2 versions)
Watermelon Dream