Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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Heather Nova

All I Ever Need Is You (6 versions)
All the Way (2 versions)
Always Christmas (2 versions)
Avalanche (2 versions)
Beautiful Ride
Beautiful Storm (6 versions)
Blue Black (2 versions)
Ear to the Ground (4 versions)
Every Soldier Is a Mother'€™s Son (2 versions)
Everything Changes (3 versions)
Everytime (4 versions)
Fool for You (6 versions)
Gloomy Sunday
Glow Stars (2 versions)
Heal (5 versions)
Heart and Shoulder
Higher Ground (3 versions)
Hollow (2 versions)
I Miss My Sky (Amelia Earhart'€™s Last Days) (3 versions)
I Wanna Be Your Light (6 versions)
If I Saw You in a Movie (2 versions)
Island (3 versions)
It'€™s Only Love (2 versions)
Light Years (4 versions)
Like Lovers Do (8 versions)
London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)
Looking for the Light (2 versions)
Maybe an Angel (4 versions)
Maybe Tomorrow (2 versions)
Motherland (4 versions)
Mothertongue (2 versions)
My Fidelity (7 versions)
Not Only Human
Out in New Mexico (2 versions)
Out on a Limb (2 versions)
Paper Cup (9 versions)
Ride (2 versions)
River of Life (7 versions)
Say Something (3 versions)
Second Skin
Shaking the Doll (2 versions)
Shell (2 versions)
Singing You Through (3 versions)
Spirit in You (2 versions)
Storm (4 versions)
Talk to Me (4 versions)
Talking to Strangers
Tested (3 versions)
Throwing Fire at the Sun (2 versions)
Truth and Bone (3 versions)
Turn the Compass Round (3 versions)
Valley of Sound (3 versions)
Verona (2 versions)
Virus of the Mind
Walk This World (7 versions)
Walking Higher (6 versions)
What a Feeling (2 versions)
Widescreen (2 versions)
Winter Blue (7 versions)
You Left Me a Song (2 versions)