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Pää kiinni painajainen

Pää kiinni painajainen (1992)

Masturbaatio ilman käsiä

Masturbaatio ilman käsiä (1993)


Tippurikvartetti (1994)

Siittiöt sotapolulla

Siittiöt sotapolulla (1995)

Tango delirium

Tango delirium (1997)


Klamytapit (2001)

Tyhmyyden ylistys

Tyhmyyden ylistys (2005)


Klamydia (2007)

Klamydia (Finnish language for Chlamydia) is a punk rock band from Vaasa, Finland. The band’s name was chosen because it was the worst name that came to their minds. The band was assembled in 1988, and has been continuously active since then. The history of the band is long and eventful. The band publishes records in very short intervals (about one LP per year), and has experienced many line-up changes. The only remaining original member is the current vocalist, Vesa "Vesku" Jokinen. The band is notable for founding its own record company, Kråklund Records.

Klamydia has always been renowned as a humor band, but they have a lot of songs criticizing society, and other songs about serious subjects like incest, as well as love songs. In the year 2001, Klamydia was rewarded by the city of Vaasa, who granted Klamydia a culture prize for their long and successful career. This aroused a lot of criticism in the city, because people didn’t appreciate rewarding a vulgar-styled humor band like Klamydia. The band itself took the whole thing as good free promotion. Klamydia has also gained some popularity in Germany, where they have toured and released records.