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Porcupine Tree

A Smart Kid (5 versions)
Always Never (4 versions)
Anesthetize (3 versions)
Arriving Somewhere but Not Here (6 versions)
Blackest Eyes (6 versions)
Collapse the Light Into Earth (5 versions)
Dark Matter (3 versions)
Deadwing (3 versions)
Dislocated Day (3 versions)
Drawing the Line (7 versions)
Even Less (6 versions)
Every Home Is Wired (3 versions)
Fadeaway (3 versions)
Fear of a Blank Planet (2 versions)
Feel So Low (9 versions)
Gravity Eyelids (3 versions)
Great Expectations (3 versions)
Halo (2 versions)
Hatesong (3 versions)
Heartattack in a Layby (3 versions)
How Is Your Life Today? (6 versions)
I Drive the Hearse (3 versions)
Jupiter Island (2 versions)
Kneel and Disconnect (4 versions)
Lazarus (10 versions)
Lightbulb Sun (3 versions)
Lips of Ashes (4 versions)
Mellotron Scratch (3 versions)
My Ashes (5 versions)
Nine Cats (4 versions)
Open Car (4 versions)
Piano Lessons (7 versions)
Prodigal (3 versions)
Pure Narcotic (8 versions)
Russia on Ice (3 versions)
Sentimental (7 versions)
Shallow (5 versions)
Shesmovedon (6 versions)
Signify (3 versions)
Sleep Together
Small Fish (2 versions)
Stars Die (3 versions)
Stop Swimming (3 versions)
Stranger by the Minute
Strip the Soul (4 versions)
The Creator Has a Mastertape (3 versions)
The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
The Sound of Muzak (8 versions)
This Is No Rehearsal (3 versions)
Time Flies (4 versions)
Trains (10 versions)
Waiting, Phase One (5 versions)
Way Out of Here (2 versions)
Wedding Nails (4 versions)
Where Are You Now (13 versions)
Where We Would Be (4 versions)
Your Unpleasant Family (3 versions)