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We Butter the Bread With Butter

Das Monster aus dem Schrank

Das Monster aus dem Schrank (2008)

Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging

Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging (2010)

Other Songs

Other Songs

We Butter the Bread with Butter (also known as WBTBWB) is a German metalcore band noted for their heavy use of electronic music characteristics. The group was founded in 2007 by guitarist Marcel Neumann and vocalist Tobias Schultka, was signed to Redfield Records and have released two albums through the label. Their debut album Das Monster aus dem Schrank was released on November 21, 2008. Their second album, Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging was released May 14, 2010, followed on December 19, 2012 by an EP titled Projekt Herz. Their third studio album, Goldkinder, was released on August 9, 2013, and a fourth album, Wieder geil!, was released on May 22, 2015. In Late 2019, Schultka rejoined the band after 9 years away, and the band went back to being the original duo of Schultka and Neumann. On September 23, 2021, they released their 5th studio album, "Das Album". It is their first album as a duo in 11 years.