Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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Against All Odds (3 versions)
All or Nothing (8 versions)
Amazing (6 versions)
As Love Is My Witness (6 versions)
Beautiful Tonight (3 versions)
Bop Bop Baby (3 versions)
Can'€™t Lose What You Never Had (2 versions)
Catch My Breath (4 versions)
Chances (3 versions)
Change the World
Change Your Mind (4 versions)
Desperado (3 versions)
Don'€™t Let Me Go
Drive (2 versions)
Every Little Thing You Do (2 versions)
Flying Without Wings (12 versions)
Fool Again (8 versions)
Fragile Heart (2 versions)
Heal (3 versions)
Heart Without a Home
Hey Whatever (2 versions)
Home (4 versions)
How to Break a Heart (2 versions)
I Do (3 versions)
I Lay My Love on You (3 versions)
I Need You (2 versions)
I Wanna Grow Old With You (5 versions)
I'€™ll See You Again (2 versions)
If I Let You Go (8 versions)
If Your Heart'€™s Not in It
It'€™s You (3 versions)
Love Crime (2 versions)
Mandy (5 versions)
Maybe Tomorrow (2 versions)
Miss You (4 versions)
Moments (3 versions)
More Than Words (5 versions)
My Love (8 versions)
No No (6 versions)
No One'€™s Gonna Sleep Tonight (2 versions)
No Place That Far (3 versions)
Obvious (4 versions)
Open Your Heart (3 versions)
Puzzle of My Heart (2 versions)
Reach Out (3 versions)
Safe (8 versions)
Seasons in the Sun (7 versions)
Shadows (3 versions)
Soledad (4 versions)
Something Right (5 versions)
Swear It Again (7 versions)
Talk Me Down (3 versions)
The Difference (5 versions)
The Reason (3 versions)
The Rose
Too Hard to Say Goodbye (3 versions)
Total Eclipse of the Heart (3 versions)
Try Again (4 versions)
Us Against the World (5 versions)
Walk Away (2 versions)
What About Now (6 versions)
What Makes a Man (4 versions)
When a Woman Loves a Man (2 versions)
When You Come Around (2 versions)
When You Tell Me That You Love Me (6 versions)
When You'€™re Looking Like That (2 versions)
Where We Are (5 versions)
World of Our Own (2 versions)
You Make Me Feel (2 versions)
You Raise Me Up (13 versions)