Weathered Fix


E--1----------------------------- B-----3------------------3------- G--------2------------------0---- D-----------0-----0------------0- A--3-----------3-----2~---------- D--------------------------------
Riff B:
E-------------------------------- B-------3------------------------ G-------------------------------- D----------0---5/3--0------------ A-------------------------------- D--3/5----------------0~---------
Riff C:
E-------------------------------- B--5--3--5/7--------------------- G-------------7--5~-------------- D-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- D--------------------------------
INTRO Goes like this: Riff A, Riff B, Riff C and then repeat riff A and B but instead of riff C you play:
Riff C:
E-------------------------------- B-------------------------------- G-------------------------------- D-------------------------------- A---10--------15-------------------- D---10--------17---------------------
Then you repeat the whole thing.
It's Pretty fast so I recommend you hear the song while reading this tab.
The first part of the lyrics (before the chorus) you repeat the intro.
All of the above is played with a clean electric guitar.
CHORUS: (With distortion or overdrive)
Cos me I'm rusted and wheathered E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D-----------3--------------------- A----0------1----------3---------- D----0-----------------3----------
Barely holding together E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D-------5---------5--------------- A-------3---------2--------------- D---------------------------------
I'm covered with skin that peels E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D----3---------------------------- A----1----------------------5----- D---------------------------5-----
and it just won't heal E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D--------------------------------- A------------------0--------------
Then at the end of the song comes a part that goes like this: (Electric w/overdrive or distorion)
The day reminds me of you E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D----7-----------------8---------- A----5-----------------5---------- D---------------------------------
The night hides your thuth E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D---------------------7----------- A---------------------5----------- D---------------------------------
you have to repeat that a few times and then at the end of that verse it goes like this:
So I choose to fight, to fight E--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D---------------3----------------- A---------------1---------5------- D-------------------------5-------
Repeat chorus.
That's it. I hope you guys understand the mess I just wrote. Any suggestions mail me at
For those who are interested in the whole lyrics:
I lie awake, on a long dark night I can't seem to tame my mind Slings and arrows are killing me inside Maybe I can't accept the life that's mine No I can't accept the life that's mine
Simple living is my desperate cry Been trading love with indifference and yeah it suits me just fine I try to hold on but I'm calloused to the bone Maybe that's why I feel alone yeah Maybe that's why I feel so alone
Chorus: Cos me I'm rusted and wheathered Barely holding together I'm covered with skin that peels and it just won't heal
The sun shines and I can't avoid the light I think I'm holding on to life too tight Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust Sometimes I fell like giving up I said sometimes I fell like giving up
The day reminds me of you, the night hides your truth The earth is a voice, speaking to you Take all this pride, and leave it behind Cos one day it ends, one day we die Belive what you will, that is your right But I choose to win, I choose to fight To fight.
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