New Order

 Heaven knows it has to be this time
    (which is also applicable to the NO intro, that is play it before the 1st verse,
figuring the rhythm for yourselves)
 Watching Forever
(i think it's better to play notes while singing this, the chords suit the intro
    That's as far as i got now. Again, i'd love to get feedback on it, as i fear
there is room for corrections.
o o
^ Rami.
P.S. oh, almost forgot... A BONUS TRACK!!!
By complete coincidence, i found yesterday the rhythm chords for "Walked in
Line" - very simple progression-regression (with standard barre' chords):
                    Again, figure out the rhythm alone (long durations on the Fs and As, very
short on the G)
Have fun!

A A# Amaj7 B C# E F G
variations - click chord images
Transpose chords:
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A  A  A
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