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Die Toten Hosen

Die Toten Hosen

thumb|Andreas Meurer (Andi)

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"Die Toten Hosen" is a German punk band from Düsseldorf. They are one of very few German-language acts who have enjoyed decades-long mass appeal in Germany; BAP, Die Ärzte, Böhse Onkelz, Udo Lindenberg, Fettes Brot, Rammstein, Marius Müller-Westernhagen and Herbert Grönemeyer being the only other contenders in this respect.

The members of ''Die Toten Hosen'' (literally "The Dead Trousers" in English; "tote Hose" is a German expression meaning "lifeless", "boring", or "nothing going on") are Campino (Andreas Frege), Kuddel (Andreas von Holst), Vom (Stephen 'Vom' Ritchie), Andi (Andreas Meurer) and Breiti (Michael Breitkopf). Although most of the members are German, drummer Vom is actually from England and replaced Wölli as the drummer in 1999 (Wölli's untimely departure from the band was due to injuries caused by a car accident), who himself had replaced Trini in 1985 and is still an honorary member of the band; Trini became the band's manager.

The band has existed for over 20 years, and their songs' focus gradually shifted from funny and nonsensical to serious; the songs from their first LP were mostly about hav...

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