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"Goldfinger" is a 1990s ska-punk band that formed in 1993. It is largely believed that the band is named after the James Bond film, Goldfinger, but this is factually incorrect. They were founded by John Feldmann on vocals and guitar, Simon Williams on bass, Darrin Pfeiffer on drums, and Charlie Paulson on guitar. Their full length debut, ''Goldfinger'', was released in 1996 and was a hit on college radio. Their biggest single was "Here in Your Bedroom". Though their second album, ''Hang-Ups'', was less successful, the band still maintained a devoted fanbase in the hardcore community. Their third studio LP was ''Stomping Ground'', which sold poorly in the US but was a modest hit in some European Countries, thanks to a cover of 99 Red Balloons, sung partly in German. 2002's ''Open Your Eyes'' was the first for their new record label, Jive/Zomba.

Frontman John Feldmann has produced records for Mest, The Used (whose vocalist Bert McCracken sang some guest vocals on 'Open Your Eyes' and 'Ocean Size') and Story of the Year. He also produced Good Charlotte's single "The Anthem", which was intentionally named "Oracle of Elcaro". Since the band began, Feldmann has become a vegan ...

years active 1993 - present
status active
country USA
music genre ska punk
current members John Feldmann
Kelly LeMieux
Darrin Pfeiffer
Charlie Paulson
former members Charlie Paulson
Simon Williams
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia