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Good Riddance

"Good Riddance" (or "GR") is a punk rock band hailing from Santa Cruz, California. They formed in 1986 and are still going strong. This Santa Cruz, California quartet exploded onto the world punk scene with their 1995 Fat Wreck Chords debut “For God and Country”. They play fast and explosive punk and hardcore music that is heavily influenced by the early American hardcore scene. The lyrical themes vary from political protests and analyses of the American society, to personal struggles and alienation. On occasion, the band has also been known to write slower, sometimes romantic songs.

Every member of the band is either vegan or vegetarian. Two members, Rankin and Pabitch, were previously in State of Grace.

* ''For God And Country'' - 1995, Fat Wreck Chords

* ''Decoy'' (EP) - 1995, Fat Wreck Chords

* ''A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion'' - 1996, Fat Wreck Chords

* ''Ballads From The Revolution'' - 1998, Fat Wreck Chords

* ''Operation Phoenix'' - 1999, Fat Wreck Chords

* ''The Phenomenon Of Craving'' - (EP) 2000, Fat Wreck Chords

* ''Symptoms Of A Leveling Spirit'' - 2001, Fat Wreck Chords

* ''Good Riddance/Kill Your Idols'' - (A split EP wit...

years active 1986 – Present (time)
status Active
location Santa Cruz, California, USA
music genre Punk rock
current members Russ Rankin - Vocals
Luke Pabich - Guitar
Chuck Platt - Bass
Sean Sellers - drums
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia