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"Superdrag" is a power pop/alternative rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee. The band became a hit with its 1996 single "Sucked Out" off their album ''Regretfully Yours'' for which a video clip was broadcast regularly on MTV. Of all the bands with "Buzz Bin" videos in the second half of the '90s (the Refreshments, Wax, et al), Superdrag is the one of the few to tour consistently until their self-imposed hiatus in 2003.

Superdrag formed in the early 1990's when Knoxville guitar player Brandon Fisher began dating the sister of John Davis. Davis, a bit younger than Fisher, began playing the drums in Brandon's band, The Used (posthumously renamed The Used to Be for a 2003 rerelease, and not to be confused with the Utah-based pop punk band), along with Tom Pappas, also Davis's senior by a couple of years.

After a relatively unsuccessful stint under that arrangement, a friend of the band named Don Coffey Jr. overheard Davis play a few songs he had written on the guitar and began playing the drums to them. Soon after, Pappas switched from his guitarist role to become the band's bass player, Fisher resumed on the lead guitar, and Superdrag was born.

The band released the...

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