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"Zebrahead" is a punk rock band from Orange County, California. Founded in 1996, Zebrahead consists of vocalist/guitarist Matty Lewis (formally of Jank 1000), rapper Ali Tabatabaee, guitarist Greg Bergdorf (formally of 409), bassist Ben Osmundson (formally of 3-Ply) and drummer Ed Udhus (formally of 409), the band released their debut album ''Yellow'' in 1997. In 1998, they signed a record deal with Columbia Records and have since gained fame in various countries around the world for their unique blend of hip hop, hardcore and funk elements into their punk rock music. They have toured with bands like The Offspring, Fuel and Reel Big Fish. The original vocalist for the band, Justin Mauriello left the band in 2004 to pursue other interests and start a new band called I Hate Kate. They have also recorded "With Legs Like That", featured on the WWE Wreckless Intent Album, which is being used as WWE diva Maria's entrance music.

They are currently touring with their new album released "Broadcast to the World."


*''Yellow'' (April 21,1998, Doctor Dream Records)

*''Waste of Mind'' (October 13,1998, Columbia Records)

*''Playmate of the Year'' (August 22,2000,...

years active 1996 – Present (time)
status Active
country Orange County, California
music genre Rapcore
Punk Rock
Ska Punk
current members Ali Tabatabaee
Greg Bergdorf
Ben Osmundson
Ed Udhus
Matty Lewis
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia